Certain agricultural production limited company was founded in 1989, is a production, development, construction, operation and management of the wholesale market of agricultural products as the core business, the total assets of over 10 billion yuan of large modern agricultural products group. The mission of the people's livelihood, agricultural product company, has always been committed to the development and progress Chinese agricultural product circulation field. The first to create agricultural land market network operation mode, in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chengdu, Xi'an, Changsha, Wuhan and so on more than 20 large and medium-sized city management more than 30 comprehensive wholesale market and online trading market, forming the largest domestic agricultural products trade, logistics and integrated service platform, the wholesale market of agricultural product of the year the total trading volume of the company's more than 24000000 tons, the total annual turnover of over 140000000000 yuan, accounting for about of the total above scale wholesale market transactions 10%; pioneer in proposing the green trade, meticulously to ensure food safety, improve circulation efficiency, sea Jetion brand of comprehensive utilization of resources as the core, make the sea Jetion market a collection of innovative achievements in the field of engineering construction, food safety, information technology, e-commerce, logistics management, financial services, comprehensive environmental protection company, become the agricultural product circulation industry transformation and upgrading of the classic; take the lead in exploring agricultural products in exchange for bibcock, relying on radiation entities in the market and business platform of the national industrial layout the line, play the advantage of network and scale effect, the construction of multi species, multi industry has an important influence on the The new green trade system level, multi pattern of agricultural products, continued to set up an industry bellwether of the. As a bearing people's livelihood dream state holding listing Corporation, product company in the protection of city agriculture to ensure food safety, food supply, stabilize and stable food prices, improve the efficiency of the circulation of agricultural products, promote the industrialization of agriculture development, promote the rural problem solving and other aspects play an irreplaceable role, and achieved good economic and social benefit. 【more】
Certain agricultural company
Contact:Miss Chen
Address:Room 906, 8th Building Spring Garden, XueYuan Road HaiDian District Beijing China
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